Nutritional Guidance

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                       Nutritional guidance can directly and positively impact the overall                                       success of chiropractic care.  Clairpointe Family Chiropractic offers                   nutritional counseling and supplementation to patients. 

Below are videos of different health goals you might be seeking.  Dr. Gary Shoemaker will walk you through what supplements your body needs to receive the nutritional resources to undergo vast transformation, repair, and renewal.

If you are interested in ordering supplements, you can contact Sarah at [email protected] and she will help you with your order.

 Our Nutritional Supplement Catalog

Why Pharmaceutical Supplements?

Antiviral Kit

Giving your body the tools to strengthen your immune system. 

Supplements: Sago C,  Vitamin D, Zinc, and Viracid

Cleanse, Detoxify and Replenish

           Using these pharmaceutical grade supplements will help you break down your food,                  restore and replenish your digestive system.  

Supplements: Digestzyme-V, Ortho Biotic, Probiotic 225, and Bioslife 2

Heart Health

These two supplements are a great way to help improve your heart health without the use of medication.

Supplements: Cardio B and AdreneVive


            Dr. Shoemaker explains the benefits of taking a pharmaceutical          multivitamin on a daily basis.

Supplements: Aved-Eze and Alpha Base Ultimate Pack

Sinus and Allergy

Here are three supplements that give optimal support for seasonal changes.

Supplements: Natural D-Hist, Sinatrol and Sago C

Muscle, Bone, and Joint Health

                           These supplements Dr. Shoe recommends provides maximum support for                       muscle, bone and joint health.

                     Supplements: Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondro-Flx, Reacted MultiMin, Vitamin D3 w/ K2,                       Vascuzyme, CollaGEN, and Bone Fortify

Women's Health

Specific supplements that can help strengthen the health of women.


 Supplements: Bone Fortify, Reacted Iron, Collagen and Cosmedix 

Children's Supplements

                             Filling the void of depleted nutrients in children can be a challenge.                                 Here are suggestions that can help replenish those nutrients.

  Supplements: Aved-Kids, D-Hist Jr, Orthomega Pearls, Flora Boost and Flora Bites


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