Neck Pain

 In December of 1997 I had a nasty fall on some black ice. I landed on my back with the weight of my fall on my elbows. While my head never hit the ground, I knew I had done something to my neck. Over the next 6 months my chiropractor gave me numerous adjustments fouled by having me do daily traction. Neither of these produced satisfactory results. I suffered from daily headaches (actually, it seemed as if it were one continuous headache) and my right arm was achy and tingling. The chiropractor referred me to an neurosurgeon. This doctor conquered with the treatment the chiropractor had done, since significant improvement hadn't taken place, other treatment was necessary.

Over the next number of weeks I was given injections into the C5 and C6 disc. I was told that if two of these provided no improvement, I would have to consider surgery to correct the problem. There was no improvement. In fact, my fingers on the right hand were beginning to be number. The X-rays showed that the disk was definitely out of place and pinching the nerve. In June I had a discectomy. A piece of my hip bone was used to repair the disk area. Before surgery I was told that there was some risk that the C6 and C 7 disk was also damaged, but since I had no symptoms on the left side, it would not be dealt with at this time. I was told that it could be fine forever or need to be removed at some time. After 8 weeks in a neck brace, I was finally feeling good again. The headaches were gone and my right arm was getting back to normal.

By January of the following year, the symptoms began to appear again, this time involving my left arm. The chiropractor had been gradually adjusting my neck, but because of the surgery would not recommend traction. He advised me to see the neurosurgeon again, which I did. I had one more injection and was told that if there was no improvement after that, map further injections would not be useful. I was told that I was to decide if I wanted to have the neck surgically repaired. My guide would be how long I could stand the headache pain and the numbness in my arm period I made it to May and decided I was spending too much time being crabby because I was in pain. (My family and friends probably agreed!) I once again had the surgery. The recuperation lasted a bit longer, but the results were well worth it.

In July of 1998 I moved back to Detroit area and once again became a patient of Dr. Shoemaker’s. I expressed my concern about having my neck adjusted. After all those months of headaches and neck braces, I wasn't about to have surgery a third time. I was assured that we would begin gradually, and I have had weekly adjustments ever since. My fear of having the adjustments has abated. The movement in my neck is much improved. I would not have believed that I could have had adjustments have again after 2 surgeries, but I am certainly grateful that I can and can see the benefits of doing so.

Sr. Mary Gehringer, OSM                                

Before I went in for the chiropractic exam, I felt stuff I add bad posture and low energy. I was experiencing something I had no explanation for. When I lay down flat on the floor, my head would tilt back, and my chin would point upwards. I would have to constantly straighten out my head so that it was level. Also, when I would sit, whether it would be for a conversation, a lecture, a photograph or to watch television, my head would tilt downwards. It would get lower and lower until I would have to constantly lift it back up.

After 6 months of chiropractic treatment, the stiffness is gone, I feel more agile, my posture has improved, and I have more energy. Also, now I lay down flat, my head is completely level, and when I sit my head is upright.


Nancy T.    

For years I had a constant headache, not even the neurologist could find anything wrong. After tons of Darvon, my charge nurse refused to give me anymore. A coworker of my daughters recommended Dr. Shoemaker. Dr. Shoe discovered the mid vertebrae in my neck was out of alignment and that my spine was curving to the right. After 3 years of adjustments, the spine is nearly straight again an I have fewer headaches. I don't know which one of us is more excited.

Margaret N.           

 In the fall of ‘97 I began to experience some unusual pain. The symptoms were a shooting pain, either up the side of my face, or from my backbone around my torso in between my ribs. The pain was sufficient to take my breath away. The pain would only occur when I sneezed or coughed. I also developed some numbness in my left hand which was an annoyance. Over a period of several months the symptoms got worse to the point that the left side of my face began to get numb, an on occasion I was experiencing double vision. The symptoms were starting to negatively impact my normal lifestyle.

Dr. Shoemaker’s diagnosis indicated a serious subluxation at the top of my neck. Treatment began immediately. It included the orthopedic pillow, orthotics for my feet and regular adjustments. In a few weeks, the double vision was gone, and the numbness was reduced. We had continued with regular adjustments and now I experience occasional discomfort in my face and numbness in my left hand.

In addition, the continued coaching from Dr. Shoemaker relative to a healthier lifestyle is in part responsible for the change that I have made of my life around food and exercise. The net effect of selective food choices exercise and skillful adjustments has may feeling and performing better at the age of 50 than I have in 20 years.

The high level professional and comprehensive care that is consistently offered in this office is a benchmark for other practices to strive to reach.

Thanks to you all for your excellent contribution to my health, happiness, and well-being.

Brian I.                        


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