Food Poisoning

In 2006 I was diagnosed with Ciguatera, a fish poisoning, it is called. Actually it was more complicated than that, but I certainly started a chain of allergic reactions to foods and other items. Following in 2006 I had major surgery to remove several inches of my large intestine. In 2007 I had another bowel related surgery. After both surgery’s I came back in reasonably good health. I had some pretty good diet and exercise habits. I enjoyed yoga and walking. Then came another major bowel surgery in 2009. This time I did not bounce back and as time went on, I felt I could not recover. My internist referred me to other physicians with another disciplines, to try to find the cause and solution to my pain. They are differing opinions for the most part.

Then in 2010, instead of improving, another event occurred. I had a severe reaction to a prescription medication. Drugs, it turned out, instead of lessening my problems, mainly pain and the ability to get around, sit and walk comfortably, made it worse to the point that I was told to cease taking all medications ( a couple of expectations), supplements over-the-counter items. By this time, I could not think clearly, form words correctly, constant dizzy and sometimes confused and increasing pain. I was told it would take several months to recover from this new situation.

A relative and close friend applied much pressure on me to see a chiropractor, particularly there's, who had treated them. These were different people. So, in this condition I presented myself to doctor shoemaker. He carefully studied my data and said, “I think I can help you”. And so, he did. He put together a treatment plan and said it would take a long time. Well, it's been 6 months and I do feel better, quite a lot better. These days I can think of some things besides pain and get around reasonably well. I must do certain things to take care of myself. Well, yes. With his help I hope to continue on this improving path.

Dr. Shoemaker says, “your smile has returned”. Simply I say, “thank you”.


Joan V.

In late June of 2012 I was diagnosed with severe bacteria food poisoning and spent 10 days in the hospital. Five of those days were spent not eating and the rest eating only soft bland foods. I was released and sent home, but I was still sick. As it turns out, due to all the powerful antibiotics I was prescribed in the hospital, I contracted C-Diff colitis. (C-Diff is one of those scary hospital super bugs).

For much of early July I still couldn’t eat properly, was constantly ill with nausea and diarrhea, and continued to lose weight. I was getting better, so I finally agreed with my Mother to see Dr. Shoemaker. He saw me every day for over two weeks and with a combination of chiropractic spinal and abdominal manipulation provided me the relief I needed.

I’m finally on the mend!! Thank you, Dr. Shoemaker!!

Eline D.


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