Back Pain

When I came to Dr. Shoemaker's office about 6 weeks ago, I was not just in fairly bad shape, I was in absolute misery. I could only walk about 40 or 50 feet, then I would need to sit down and rest for a few minutes before walking another 40 or 50 feet.

Sleeping at night, with my sore right knee, it was almost impossible. I couldn't lie on my back, stomach or side without pain and discomfort. I would try sitting up in a chair, lying on the floor, just about anything to get some rest. for about 6 days before going to Dr. Shoemaker, I was lucky to average 2- 2 1/2 hours of sleep one night. With so little sleep I was zombie-like, tired throughout the day. I felt like 61 years old going on 80 years old. I was ready for the scrapheap when I came to D. Shoemaker.

Dr. Shoe quickly diagnosed my problem, fusion of the vertebrae in my lower back causing me to lean to one side and giving me pain in my right knee and little feeling in my right thigh. For about a month, he concentrated his adjustments on this problem area, getting my body back to normal. Since then, he has been working on my whole spine.

How do I feel today after this short treatment? I feel like 61 years old, going on 45 years old. The soreness in my right knee is gone, there is feeling in my right thigh and my weight is more equally distributed on both feet. I stand straighter and move about easier. I now sleep so well at night.

Feeling so much better, it seems like I should be ordering my Superman Cape.

In all seriousness, as you can really tell, I am very grateful for the care provided by Dr. Shoemaker.

Geoff G.                    

One day several summers ago, one of Dr. Shoe’s long-term patients called him on a Saturday to ask if he would come into the office on his day off and take a look at a friend who was doubled over in pain. That person was me, and Dr. Shoe agreed to see me that Saturday and took me on as a client. I was not able to walk on my own at that time and any movement at all was quite painful. It took quite a long time to recover but I started out with daily visits. 2 1/2 years later I'm still seeing Dr. Shoe around twice a week. However, I have relatively little pain. This was amazed at my success.

Marita G.        

 My name is sister Kathleen Matz CDP and I’m a member of the Congregation of Divine Providence. In 2010, I limped into Dr. Shoemakers office as I accompanied one of his patients because we were carpooling to a meeting. I asked Dr. Shoemaker a question about my inability to walk and he invited me to return that evening for a fuller discussion.

Dr. Shoemaker spoke with professional expertise and compassion concerning my limping and lower back pain. I shared with him that I was using a cane and was no longer able to exercise, speed walk, or praisedance.

I began treatments and after a year I was able to walk without a cane or a limp. I now continue my adjustments along with daily exercise traction and cold packs. I am able to happily engage in my exercise program at Curve, walk around without a limp, and praisedance at spiritual functions.

Although I believe that healing is in God's hands, I certainly know that Dr. Shoemaker was an instrument in my healing process period doctor shoemaker's confident assurance that I would get better was critical in my weekly improvements.

I am grateful to have Dr. Shoemaker for my chiropractor. It certainly was providential that I met Dr. Shoemaker and I continued to be thankful for his weekly treatments and his reassuring words that, “the power is on!”

Kathleen Matz CDP   

After exhausting traditional noninvasive treatment for my severe back pain, I was recommended to Dr. Shoemaker by a coworker who had observed my struggle with chronic unrelated back pain for over the past 6 months. At my initial consultation, Dr. Shoemaker laid out a 2 year treatment plan to correct my back pain. Obviously, the injury/misalignment didn't happen overnight, so I wasn't too surprised at a 2 year time frame. My other options were surgery, lifelong use of painkillers, and a life revolving around good days/bad days of pain and limited mobility. None of these options were acceptable, so I started my road to recovery at the beginning of this year with a realistic idea of what was involved. I had my three month evaluation this week and I was absolutely floored when I saw my progress on the screen. I had noticed a big improvement in my pain and mobility within a few weeks of treatment, but I never expected it to be so significant. Incidentally, I had a major operation 2 weeks ago which I am recovering amazingly well from and I positive that my chiropractic care has played a very instrumental role in this recovery.

My daughter also started treatment with Dr. Shoemaker at the beginning of the year. Her complaint was mostly migraine headaches which caused her to miss a lot of school. They are diminished in frequency since starting her care.

Julie J.  


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